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  1. District 25 record Book (Lorraine-Mandalay)
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  4. Secretary's Book, School District 2, Vasquez Township
  5. Superintendent of Schools Daily Record
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District Record Book, School District No. 25, Lorraine-Mandalay, 1880-1924

Series 192 (1 Envelope)

District secretary's record book for School District Number 25, Lorraine-Mandalay. Contains "Record of District Meetings," dated May 1880 to May 1916, and "Proceedings of the District Board," dated June 1915 to May 1925. 

Photocopy only. Location of original unknown, donor unknown. 

Also contains copy of letter dated 1956 from Katherine E. Church, Church Ranch, on the history of the Mandalay School built on land donated by the Church family.