Miscellaneous Records

  1. 1952 Time Capsule
  2. Bacon & Patrick
  3. Clark & Merrill
  4. "County Line" News
  5. Drawing Rm. Plays (Parlor Dramas)
  6. Festival of the West
  7. Incorporation Records
  8. IT Services Dept. Scrapbooks
  9. JeffCo Abstract, Real Est. & Inv. Co. 
  10. Lakewood Sanitation District 
  11. Memorial Address on WM. McKinley
  12. Murphy Mine
  13. Special District Service Plans
  14. Terrain Database
  15. Tiny Town Film
  16. Unprocessed Records
  17. Woody Woodpecker

1952 Courthouse Cornerstone Time Capsule Contents, 1877-1952

Series 120  (3 Boxes)

Time Capsule box and contents recovered from the 1952 County Courthouse before its demolition in November 1999. The capsule was opened during a public ceremony sponsored by the Jefferson County Historical Commission on January 10, 2000. The box was found to be filled with documents, photographs, signatures of County officials, contemporary newspapers, and various other memorabilia. 

View Finding Aid (PDF) for complete inventory.