Health Services

Why does Head Start care about your child’s health? Health is the foundation of school readiness! Children who are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy are more able to focus on learning and participate in the classroom. To help make sure your child is healthy and ready for school, Jefferson County Head Start offers comprehensive health services, including screenings, resource navigation, and health education for both children and families.

No-Cost Health Screenings

  • Hearing, vision, and speech screenings within the first 45 days of school
  • Height and weight assessment twice per year help you track your child’s growth
  • Blood Pressure screenings
  • Bloodless hemoglobin screenings (a test for anemia)
  • Dental screenings and fluoride application 3x per year (fall, winter, spring) help you stay on top of your child’s oral health

Resource Navigation

Your child needs glasses, but you’re not sure where to go? Struggling to find a pediatrician or dentist that accepts Medicaid? We can help with that! We work closely with organizations and providers in our community that love serving our Head Start Families.

Our family services team and health team work together to make sure your child is up-to-date with the recommended preventive health care, screenings, and immunizations.

Health Education for Children

  • I am Moving I am Learning (IMIL) is integrated within the classroom to keep kids moving throughout the day
  • Glitter Bug activity reinforces proper hand-washing
  • Arvada Fire teaches children about pedestrian safety and fire safety
  • Dental education teaches kids how to protect their teeth from sugar bugs

Health Education for Families

  • Free CPR/1st Aid classes
  • Family health events to engage children and families in understanding and managing their health
  • Health Committee made up of Head Start families and community partners works to provide the best services for our Head Start children

Have suggestions for health classes or training? Interested in learning more about our Health Committee? Contact our Health and Safety Supervisor at 720-497-7935.

Head Start MMR Vaccination Rates for 2020-2021

Colorado law requires students who attend a licensed child care, preschool, or Head Start program to be vaccinated against many of the diseases that vaccines can prevent, unless a Certificate of Exemption is filed. We are required to report our sites' rates of vaccination against MMR (Measles/Mumps/Rubella) to families and participants. Our rates are:

2020-2021 MMR    Fully vaccinated          Exemptions

Arvada                         93.45%                           2.95%

Wheat Ridge               100%                               0%

More information about vaccination requirements in child care centers can be found here: