Class Specifications (Job Descriptions) & Pay Ranges

Jeffco Pay Plan

Jeffco citizens have entrusted the County with their tax dollars. In return, we seek to recruit, train and retain the highest quality workforce possible, as employees are the County's most valuable resource.

For that reason, the Commissioners support efforts to assure that Jefferson County can be successful in recruiting and retaining a highly trained and educated workforce with compensation that is fair in relation to market values.

View the current Jeffco Pay Plans - Exempt Pay Plan (PDF) and Non-Exempt Pay Plan (PDF). Pay Plans are updated monthly. 

Jeffco Job Descriptions

The published Jefferson County job descriptions are intended to ensure that each position is in the right job category and is paid equitably compared to other people in the same position, both internally and externally. This effort also helps to ensure we are able to find qualified candidates for our open positions.

Class specifications (job descriptions) for each job are available - select the link below. The folders correspond to the first letter in the job title. Please use the Jefferson County Pay Plan (linked above) to view jobs and associated pay ranges.

Access class specifications (job descriptions) via Jefferson County SharePoint site >>