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Who Can Apply for Head Start?

Children must be three years-of-age, and not yet five years-of-age, by October 1 of the calendar year in order to be enrolled. Families are encouraged to apply prior to child’s 3rd birthday and can be enrolled immediately upon child turning 3 years old (if their birthday takes place at any other time during the year). Children do NOT need to be potty-trained in order to attend Head Start!

Families must reside in our service area, which is JEFFERSON COUNTY, COLORADO, excluding the city of Lakewood. Verification of residency is required. (City of Lakewood residents can call 303‐987‐2490 to apply for Lakewood Head Start.)

Families must provide verification of income in order to qualify for the program. Regardless of income, some children are automatically eligible:

  • Foster children or children in kinship care
  • Families experiencing homelessness (including living with family member due to economic hardship)
  • Families receiving TANF/Colorado Works
  • Families receiving SNAP (Food Stamps)
  • Families receiving SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

Although the majority of our families are below the federal poverty guideline, we have over-income spaces set aside to serve children with special needs and other circumstances. Income is not our only criterion. We encourage all families to apply!

For more information, please call Jefferson County Head Start at 720-497-7900.