Manuscripts & Personal Papers

  1. Billie C. Swenson Papers
  2. charles o. Moore & Family Papers
  3. Forgotten Fifty Niners (Creswell)
  4. Golden (Barkley)
  5. Historic Rockland Cemetery (engle)
  6. Nelson L. Nadeau Papers
  7. Pioneer Child: Memoirs of Sarah Ann Baker
  8. Pruden & Moore Family Histories
  9. Public Education in Lakewood, CO (Sullard)
  10. Recollections of My Life (Howlett)

Billie C. Swenson Papers, 1975-1995

Unprocessed collection, but available for use, written description unavailable at this time. Contact Archivist for details.

Collection contains the personal papers of Billie Swenson, who was the former director of Jefferson County's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department. Through her efforts, the county computerized its mapping system and implemented the countywide GIS system.