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Abstract of Land Entries, 1863-1915

Series 140 (1 Volume)

Abstract of land entries for lands held in Jefferson County with a few entries for Park and Douglas Counties. Land entries are the transactions that transfer public lands from the United States to private ownership. Arranged by numbered section, township, and range (legal description) of the land. Lists number of acres, name of entryman, date of proof, and any remarks or notes. Earliest date of proof shown is 1863, latest is 1915. Notes document mineral land, state land, patents, state patents, and at least one cemetery.

  1. Land Deeds
  2. Lindsay Ranch History file
  3. Mountain Area Planning Council
  4. Property Appraisal Cards
  5. Property Ownership Books
  6. Record of Election and Demand
  7. Register of Releases

Land Deeds, 1867

Series 123 (1 Envelope)

Warranty Deed from George B. Allen to Mary J. Burgess for Lot 1, Block 35, North side of Clear Creek, and Lot 12, Block 27, South side of Clear Creek in Golden City, dated 22 August 1867. Deed is significant not only due to its age, but also due to the $1 and $2 stamps that were pasted onto it.

  1. Unprocessed Records
  2. Wide Acres history Research files (Theobald)

Unprocessed Land & Property Records, 1860-1990

Unprocessed archival collections have not been nicely re-foldered, re-boxed, or labeled, may not be arranged in any discernible order, and do not have finding aids written for them. They are, however, available to researchers unless in rare instances access restrictions have been placed upon them or redaction of sensitive information is required.

Please contact Archivist for details regarding specific record series.

Information on this page may change frequently. Titles of actual records may differ slightly and date ranges may be approximate. Advance notice is required to view records.


  • Abstracts of Lands Entered under Homestead, Preemption, and Timber Culture Entries; Cash Entries; Entries of Mineral Lands; Register of Final Certificates Issued; List of patents issued by the State, 1863-1903
  • Abstracts of Title / Certificate of Title to County Land, Property, and Open Space Property, 1931-1967
  • Affidavits of Labor and Improvements/Notice in Lieu of Annual Labor/Affidavit of Annual Work (Mining Claims), 1887-1948
  • Appraisal of School Lands (Requests, Oaths, Reports), 1877-1887
  • Assessor's Lot Record (by Subdivision and Block, Lists Lot w/name of “To Whom Assessed,” Value of Lot, and Value of Improvements), 1866-1896
  • Certificates of Purchase/Certificates of Sale, 1931-1947
  • Certificates of Redemption, 1873-1933
  • Certificate of Ownership, Cemetery Plot in Mount Olivet, John N. Lloyd, 1900
  • Change in County Lines of Jefferson and Park Counties (State of CO Proclamation), 1909
  • Change of Name, Sunny Vale Park to Buffalo Creek Park, 1888
  • Chattel Mortgages and Release of Chattel Mortgage, 1863-1928
  • Citizen Water Company, Petition for ROW, 1889
  • City of Golden Vacations (Ordinances passed regarding street, alley, and easement vacations), 1889-1988
  • Colorado Central Railroad ROW Deed – Daniels Park (by Jeffco Engineering), undated
  • Commissioners Deeds, 1950-1959
  • Comprehensive Master Plan, 2017 (Printed copy only)
  • Correspondence (Central City Land Office), 1876
  • Declarations (Occupation, Possession and Enjoyment, Location of Land, School Lands), 1862-1889
  • Deeds (Warranty, Quit-Claim, Deeds of Trust, Release Deed of Trust, etc.), 1860-1946
  • Deeds to Coors Brewing Co. Properties (Reference copies as of 12/31/90) w/maps, 1866-1990
  • Deeds to County Property, circa 1884-1990
  • Easements for County Property, 1925 & 1958
  • Homestead Claims, 1929 & 1937
  • Index to Mining Lodes, Book A, 1867-1905
  • Index to Sales of Land in Platted Subdivisions, Volume 99, 1888-1909
  • Indexes to Tax Sale Records, Lands (by section, township, and range, lists description, year sold, certificate #), 1870-1986
  • Indexes to Tax Sale Records, Lots (town property, lists subdivision, lot #, block number, year sold, certificate number), 1870-1987
  • Land Agreements, 1866 & 1902
  • Land Books (Section Plats) Ranges 69-72 West (Various sections and townships), 1947
  • Land Claims, 1860-1862
  • Land Entries (Lists of State Land Patents) and Correspondence, 1870s-1890s
  • Land Registration Books:
    • Book 1: Name Index (Townships 5 & 6, Range 69), 1930-1950
    • Book 1: Reception Book (Townships 5 & 6, Range 68 and 69), 1912-1962
    • Book 1: Tract Index of Sections (Township 5, Range 69), 1912-1962
  • Land Registration, First Certificates of Title, #s 1-48, 1912-1957
  • Leases, 1863-1939
  • List of Building Permits Issued/Denied (Monthly Report of Building Inspector), 1943-1979
  • List of Land with Property Description and Tax by School District, undated
  • List of Lots owned by RW Clark & Co., Golden City, undated
  • List of Real Estate Rendered for Taxation: Lands, 1892-1894
  • Location Certificates (Mining), 1867-1936
  • Mechanics Liens, 1871-1911
  • Mineral Claim, 1921
  • Mining Claims, Deeds, Leases, 1860-1903
  • Monthly Reports of Building Permits Issued or Denied (Unincorporated and Evergreen), 1943-1979
  • Mortgage, Mortgage Deeds, Release of Mortgage, 1863-1925
  • Mt. Morrison Asphalt, Oil & Gas: Record of Wells Drilled, 1916
  • Oberon Development from the Capitol City Realty Co. (Plat), circa 1950s
  • Old Mill Site (Drawing), undated
  • Parcel at Harlan and 38th (Survey), 1952
  • Patents, Military Bounty Land, Homestead certificates (Includes Golden Townsite, Alice Rooney), 1866-1899
  • Petition and Permit for Ditch Right of Way (John S. Stephens), 1889
  • Planning Commission Minutes, 1940-1945
  • Plat Waiver Cases, City of Lakewood Planning Commission, 1978-1983
  • Pre-Emptions, 1864-1874
  • Public Trustee's Certificates of Purchase, Sales, Redemption, 1896-1931
  • Railroad Papers (Right-of-Way, Franchise, Resolutions, Bonds, Petitions, etc.), 1888-1908
  • Receiving Book U, 1865-1871
  • Reception Books 1 to 10, 1862-1923
  • Record of Certificates of Attachment and Levy, 1863-1878
  • Redemptions, 1893-1910
  • Right of Way Documents (Ditches, Railways, Wagon Companies), 1867-1938
  • Shares to Lots in Golden (Golden City Association), 1864
  • Sheriff’s Sale Documents (Certificates of Levy, Purchase, Redemption, and Sale; Writ of Attachment, etc.), 1862-1948
  • Subdivision Regulations, 1946
  • Tax Sale Certificates, 1879-1936
  • Tax Sale Record (Clerk's), 1870-1971
  • Tax Sale Record (Treasurer's), 1870-1973
  • Title Bonds (for Real Estate), 1868-1903
  • Township Maps showing status of Public Domain Land and Mineral Titles current to 1982
  • Transfers of Title Documents, 1920-1926
  • Treasurer’s Certificate of Purchase for North & South Golden Sewer Taxes, 1915
  • Treasurer’s Deeds, 1880-1908
  • Tri-County Regional Planning Commission Directors' Monthly Reports, 1945-1949
  • Unidentified Ledger: Listings by Block and Lot w/Owner, Address, Sewer/Sidewalk Assessments, undated
  • Union Pacific Railroad Co. Land Department Agreement, 1904
  • Vacation Deeds (Recorded), 1895-1942
  • Zoning Maps, 1946-1975
  • Zoning Ordinance, 1939 Draft and 1941 Original Printed Booklet