Reference Books

  1. Arvada
  2. Colorado
  3. Denver

These are the specific publications that the Jefferson County Archives has on Arvada. These books are available for use in the Archives Reading Room only.

  • Arvada Comes of Age: A History of Arvada, Colorado During the Period 1942-1976, edited by Lloyd W. Gorrell, 2002
  • Arvada: Just Between You and Me: A History of Arvada, Colorado, During the Period 1904-1941, Arvada Historical Society, 1985
  • Centennial Arvada: 1904-2004 – A Pictorial History, Judy Mattivi Morley, 2004
  • First Gold: Lewis Ralston and Arvada, June 22, 1850, Lois Cunniff Lindstrom, 1992
  • More than Gold: A History of Arvada, Colorado, During the Period 1870-1904, Arvada Historical Society, 1976
  • The Old Mill: Arvada Flour Mills 1925-1980, Lois Cunniff Lindstrom, 1980
  • Ralston’s Gold: Georgia, Colorado, California Gold Strike Park, Lois Lindstrom, 2011
  • Waters of Gold: A History of Arvada, Colorado, During the Period 1850-1870, Arvada Historical Society, 1973
  1. Edgewater
  2. Genealogy
  3. Golden
  4. Historical Commission

These are specific publications that the Jefferson County Archives has on Edgewater. These books are available for use in the Archives Reading Room only.

  • Edgewater: Four Score – History of a Town Sprung from Saloons, Judith Allison, 1979
  • Edgewater Colorado: A Centennial Celebration 1901-2001, Celora Jean Jones, 2002.
  1. Jefferson County
  2. Lakewood
  3. Periodicals
  4. Westminster

These are general publications about Jefferson County or specific sites within the county. These books are available for use in the Archives Reading Room only.

  • Antique Auto Museum: A.R. Cheek Collection - Lookout Mountain, A.R. Cheek, 1964
  • Arthur Lakes’ “Rambles Around the Ridge,” Beth Simmons and Kathy Honda, 2007
  • The Bradford Years, 1859-1876, Dolores A.Ebner, 2000
  • Bronco Billy and the Essanay Film Company, David Kiehn, 2003
  • Buffalo Beginnings and Through the Years, Book Number 1, Dorothy Lombard, 1985
  • Buffalo Beginnings and Through the Years, Book Number 2, Dorothy Lombard, 1995
  • Cabrinian Colorado Missions, Mother Ignatius Miceli, M.SC., 1996
  • A Century of Jefferson County Mountain Area Schools, Phebe Granzella, 1993
  • The Changing Faces of Foxton, Gerald W Pool, 2002
  • Coal Creek Canyon Colorado: Tales From Times Past, Vicki Moran, 2011
  • Colorado Christian University: The First 100 Years, Janet M.Black, 2014
  • Colorado’s Park of the Red Rocks: A Geologic Sketch, L.W LeRoy, 1955
  • Colorow! A Colorado Photographic Chronicle, Beth Simmons, 2015
  • Columbine, Dave Cullen, 2009
  • County Officials Manual: A Guideline for Better Government, Colorado Counties, Inc., 1989
  • The Delightful History of Mount Vernon Canyon, Carole Lomond, 2015
  • Denver’s Lakeside Amusement Park: From the White City Beautiful to a Century of Fun, David Forsyth, 2016
  • Duties and Functions of Colorado County Officials: An Administrative Manual for County Officials, Colorado Information, 1968
  • The Elk Creek Chronicles: From Shaffers Crossing to Pine Grove, David P.Nelson, 2011
  • Evergreen: Our Mountain Community, Barbara and Gene Sternberg, 2004
  • Fifty Cents Down: The Daniels Gardens History Project, Linda Sanders and Katie Thorsheim, 1996
  • From Scratch, Jefferson County Historical Commission, 1985
  • A Ghost-Eye View of Arapahoe City, Edna J.Witt, 1966
  • Historic Dinosaur Quarries of the Dinosaur Ridge Area, Adrian P. Hunt, Martin Lockley, and Sally White, 2002
  • Historic-Souvenir Book: The Story of Jefferson County and Golden Colorado, 1950
  • History of Jefferson County, Ethel Dark, 1939 (Thesis)
  • The History of WW Wilmore Nursery, Scott Wilmore, 1983
  • Homesteaders, Moonshiners and Frontier Law: An Historical Journey from Aspen Park to Kenosha Pass, Lee Heideman, 2003
  • In the Footsteps of the Hotchkiss Brothers, Mary H. Farmer and Lee M. Farmer, 2009
  • Jefferson County, Colorado, 1:50,000-scale Topographic Map, Geological Survey (U.S), 1976
  • Jefferson County Locator: Zip Codes, Precincts, Address Ranges, Sales Tax, City Codes, Jefferson County GIS, 2011
  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department: Building for the Future 1861-1977, Dennis L. Potter, 1977
  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office: 1859-2009, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, 2010
  • Jefferson County, Colorado Road Atlas, Jefferson County GIS, 1998 and 2010
  • Jefferson County, Colorado: A Unique and Eventful History!, Carole Lomond, 2009
  • Jefferson County, Colorado: The Colorful Past of a Great Community, Sara Robbins, 1962
  • Jefferson County: A Contemporary Portrait, Helen Masterson, 1999
  • John Gregory Country: Place Names and History of Ralston Buttes Quadrangle, Charles and Mary Ramstetter, editors, 1999
  • The Legacy of Arthur Lakes, Katherine K. Honda and Beth Simmons, 2009
  • The Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson (Edited, and with an introduction by Adrienne Koch and William Peden), 1944
  • Life in the Early Days (Golden Gate Canyon), James K. Ramstetter, 1996
  • Living it Loud: Bandimere Supercharged: Faith, Family and the Pursuit of Speed, Chad Bonham, 2014
  • Lorraine Lodge: A History of the Boettcher Mansion, Boettcher Mansion, 2001
  • Mother Cabrini Shrine, Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 2001 (VHS)
  • Mountain Growth and Development: Jefferson County, Colorado, Elizabeth A.Losinski, 1971
  • Mountain Memories, From Coffee Pot Hill to Medlen Town: A History of the Inter-Canyon Area of Southwest Jefferson County, Betty Moynihan and Helen E Waters, 1981
  • The Mountain Puzzle: Land Use, Jefferson County League of Women Voters, 1972
  • Notorious Jefferson County: Frontier Murder and Mayhem, Carol Turner, 2010
  • Office of the District Attorney, First Judicial District: A Brief History 1876-1996, Office of the District Attorney, 1996
  • Our Memories of Bergen Park, C.M.Hamilton, 19-
  • The Secrets of Elk Creek: Shaffers Crossing, Staunton State Park and Beyond, Bonnie EScudder, 2013
  • Shining Mountains, Georgina Brown, 1959
  • A Tribute to Education in Jefferson County, Colorado: 50 Years as One, Lois Cunniff Lindstrom Kennedy, 2001
  • Twenty-Six Years in Jail, G.A.Bray, c. 1997
  • The Upper Side of the Pie Crust: An Early History of Southwestern Jefferson County, Conifer-Pine-Buffalo Creek, Colorado, Margaret V.Bentley, 1978
  • West Jefferson County Area Directory, Colorado Transcript, 1968
  • The Westall Monument Poems of Preservation and Personification, West Jefferson Middle School in Conifer, Colorado, Edited by F. Reetz, 2014
  • Yesteryear: Tales From Colorado Front Range Mountain Communities, Hank Alderfer, 2016