Priority of Service

Colorado provides a Priority of Service for military veterans and eligible spouses who are seeking employment or job training services. In 2002, the Jobs for Veterans Act was signed and became Public Law 107-288, which creates a priority of service for veterans who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for participation in all U.S. Department of Labor funded training programs.

Details of Priority

  • Eligible veterans are entitled to receive priority services in job referrals and referrals to training as well as other employment-related services.
  • You may qualify for a scholarship or tuition assistance for retraining into a new field or upgrading your current skills to improve your marketability.
  • Veterans always receive first priority in job referrals. That means you will learn about available jobs before the rest of the job-seeking public.

Veterans with Disabilities

Special assistance is available for veterans with disabilities. All offices have specially trained staff to ensure veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces receive maximum employment and training opportunities. Veterans with disabilities receive the highest priority in all employment services.

Contact Us

To speak directly with a Disabled Veterans Outreach Specialist contact: Felecia Whitaker at 303-271-4783 or [email protected]; or Justin Bellamy at 303-271-4769 or [email protected]

Equal Opportunity

Business & Workforce Center, a proud partner of the American Job Center Network, is an equal  opportunity program; auxiliary services are available upon request to  individuals with disabilities.

This program is funded by U.S. Department of Labor and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.