Employment Services

Business & Workforce Center provides enhanced employment services supported by staff to assist eligible adults in strengthening their skills. Individualized services include one-on-one employment counseling, career assessments and specialized workshops.

More Services

Additional job search support or training opportunities may be available to individuals:

  • Who have recently been laid off
  • Who do not have employable skills or current certifications
  • Who need support finding and keeping employment
  • Who are displaced workers seeking a career

Job Ready Academies

Business & Workforce Center has created a series of Job Ready Academies, which support efforts to engage businesses to participate in targeted employability events, whereby similar occupations (such as software developers) participate in a three-day skills enhancement workshop and assessment with the promise of at least two interviews for open positions.

Participation is by invitation only with preference given to qualified candidates in the Talent Pool and companies that are actively hiring. Employers are also identified by the center's targeted sectors and then by specific occupations within each sector. Veterans and their spouses receive priority of service at all academy activities.

Special Programs

There are a series of special employment programs available to eligible job seekers. Presently, these programs include:

Employment Services Documents