Connecting Colorado

Your first step to finding a new career or to hire a talented employee is to register with Connecting Colorado, which is the system used by Business & Workforce Center. Registration is free. This system is used to match qualified candidates to prospective employers.

Job Seekers

Connecting Colorado is part of a state-run system that delivers immediate, tangible results for your future. You can post your résumé, apply for a specific job or do a self-directed job search through our jobs database.


Finding and hiring the right people for your business requires a major investment of your time and money - costs which directly affect your bottom line. Connecting Colorado offers a more cost-effective way of recruiting and hiring.

If you are an employer and have not used the job posting system before, you will need to register using the Create New Account “Go→” button. Simply follow the prompts and fill out the requested information completely. You will be able to post a job the very first time you sign into the system. Further details and instructions can be found in Connecting Colorado Brochure (PDF).

The Returning Employer section can be used each time you return to the site. Manage the job(s) that you have posted in the system or enter new job postings. Simply enter your user name and password and click the “Go→” button.


If you are experiencing problems accessing Connecting Colorado or need to reset your password, please contact us using the information below.