The solicitation method to be used is determined by the complexity and estimated cost of the item or service needed.


For informal purchases to be processed, at least three emailed or faxed quotes may be solicited. Purchasing tabulates and evaluates the quotes and issues an award based on several factors, one of which may be the lowest and best quote.

To process formal purchases, Invitations to Bid or Requests for Proposals to prospective firms may be issued. Sealed bids are opened publicly at the date and time designated on the bid or proposal documents. The purchasing agent tabulates the bids and sends a recommendation to the requesting division. The purchasing agent and a division representative evaluate proposals, which are not opened publicly.

Purchase orders or contracts are awarded to the responsive and responsible firms whose bid or proposal best serves Jefferson County’s interest.

Best Value

Products and services subject to competitive procurement may be awarded to the supplier that can provide the "Best Value" for the county. Best Value is determined by clearly stated evaluation criteria outlined in the competitive document, unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations. Typical factors include the lowest overall cost to the county after considering actual costs, tangible and intangible benefits and or metrics, cost savings, cost avoidance or opportunity cost.

Bids & Proposals

Many of our formal bids and Requests for Proposal are posted on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) website. Interested parties may obtain solicitation information from RMEPS free of charge, or may instead choose to register with RMEPS to get notifications automatically emailed to them for a nominal annual fee. 

Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants are strongly discouraged from obtaining solicitation documents from sources other than RMEPS or Jefferson County Purchasing as we cannot guarantee the validity of the information, nor that the vendor receives all relevant addenda, and this may result in rejection of a bid or proposal. In instances where plans, drawings and specifications are only available in the Purchasing Office, there may be a nonrefundable fee for receiving them.