Living Near the Airport

Living Here

New development, job opportunities, and great views make North Metro Denver a great place to live. Among other factors, proximity to the airport is important to consider when purchasing a home or settling in to the area.

KBJC encourages potential members of the community to spend time in their prospective new neighborhood to determine if noise will be a factor. Talking to neighbors, friends, and your real estate agent will also help you make the most informed decision.

KBJC is happy to provide a history of our annual noise reports to assist you in moving forward, and we hope to welcome you to the neighborhood!

Noise Reports

Airport operations compiles an end-of-year noise report that details the amount and type of noise complaints received throughout the year.  

View the archive of Annual Noise Reports.

Traffic Pattern Operations

Aircraft operations around an airport are highly procedural and subject to Air Traffic Control instructions/FAA regulations. RMMA's controlled Class D airspace also lies underneath and adjacent to Denver International Airport's Class B airspace. The attached RMMA Class D airspace and typical traffic pattern operations map depicts typical traffic pattern operations and instrument flight arrivals into RMMA. VFR arrivals and departures vary more significantly, and are subject to ATC instructions that sequence traffic into the traffic pattern based on wind direction and other traffic in the airspace.

RMMA Class D Airspace and Typical Traffic Pattern Operations