Airport Access Control Training


Due to COVID-19 concerns, until further notice please contact the airport to make arrangements to obtain an access badge. You may call 303-271-4850 or email [email protected].  Thank you! 

Preparation for Training

To participate in the class: 

Register online here, then print the PDF application, fill it out, and bring it with you to class - complete with necessary signatures.

  • Bring your drivers license
  • Pay fees for Access Badge and Vehicle Permit(s) - payment may be made in the Administration office prior to class.
  • Applicants without all required materials will need to reschedule.


Please note - the airport accepts credit cards only (no cash), for the fees listed below:  

  • $40 - for each access control badge
  • $10 - for each vehicle permit  

Who is My Authorizing Agent?

Your authorizing agent is the person responsible for you while on the airfield. Most likely, it is whoever signed the lease for your associated hangar. Still not sure? Call Airport Operations at 303-271-4857.