Natural Resources

Jeffco Open Space supports an amazing richness of natural resources, in part due to its unique location at the intersection of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain foothills. The resulting mosaic of habitats, ranging from shortgrass prairies in the eastern portion of the County, to subalpine forest in the western hills and mountains, is home to hundreds of native plant and wildlife species. While some are commonly observed, others are rare and elusive – often found only in small patches of unique habitat, such as cliff bands or pocket wetlands. This diversity of species, and the habitats on which they depend, substantiate the important contribution of Jeffco Open Space to the biodiversity of both Colorado and the Western U.S.

The Natural Resources team is responsible for managing vegetation, wildlife, and water resources in collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders, agencies, and researchers along Colorado’s Front Range. In support of the broader mission of Jeffco Open Space, the three goals of the Natural Resources team are to:

Preserve native species diversity
Protect ecosystem integrity
Provide science-based land management strategies

Protect and celebrate our natural resources. Follow all Jeffco Open Space Regulations (PDF) and the 7 principles of Leave No Trace© (Web). To find information on living with bears, coyotes, mountain lions and other wildlife in Jeffco, check out Living With Wildlife (Web) on the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website. To report a wildlife sighting, please fill out our Human-Wildlife Interaction (Web) form.

Small Research Grants Program

Jeffco Open Space offers Small Research Grants to individuals or groups to conduct applied studies on Jeffco Open Space lands. 

Inventory and Monitoring

Wildlife Management

Noxious Weed Management

Forest Management

Habitat Restoration

Water Resource Management