Plans & Projects


Planning is a critical element of all Jeffco Open Space activities. From the overarching strategic plan to individual park plans, they are a roadmap, showing the final destination and usually the best way to get there.

Jeffco Trails Plan
Draft Jeffco Trails Plan (PDF)
Draft Jeffco Trails Plan Implementation Resources (PDF)
Jeffco Trail Plan presentation (YouTube)
Jeffco Trails Plan (Website)

Conservation Greenprint - 5-year Plan
Jeffco Open Space Conservation Greenprint (PDF)
Conservation Greenprint Implementation Details (PDF)
Conservation Greenprint Public Comment and Responses (PDF)
Conservation Greenprint - Vision to Action Survey results (Web)

South Table Mountain Park Plan & 2020 Actions
Presentation for Community Meeting (YouTube)
South Table Mountain Park Fact Sheet (PDF)
Responses to South Table Mountain Park Public Comments (PDF)

Managing Trails for Safety at Apex Park
Apex Park Management Plan Fact Sheet August 2020 (PDF)
2020 Apex Park Designated Use Infographic Map (JPG)
Apex Park Management Announcement June 2020 (PDF)
Draft Plan Fact Sheet 2019 (PDF)
Presentation from Community Meeting (PPT Download)
Results from Community Meeting Audience Survey (PDF)
Public Comment Period Results (PDF)

Other Plans
Jeffco Open Space 2014-2019 Master Plan
Jeffco Open Space 2014-2019 Master Plan - Executive Summary
Jeffco Open Space Communications and Community Involvement Plan
Region Management Plans
Beaver Ranch Master Plan
Gateway Segment of Clear Creek Canyon Park Master Plan
Clear Creek Canyon Feasibility Study
JCOS Resiliency Framework (PDF)

Current Projects

Dinosaur Ridge Master Plan (PDF)
Designated Use Program
Heritage Square Exchange
Clear Creek Canyon Park - Gateway Segment - Peaks to Plains Trail
Restoration of Former Elk Meadow Park Dog Off-leash Area
Rocky Mountain Greenway

Draft Jeffco Trails Plan cover photo
Conservation Greenprint Final Document Cover
Apex Park Designated Use Infographic Map