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Jeffco Open Space was founded as a land conservation organization in 1972 by PLAN Jeffco and The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County. These organizations proposed a unique concept to the Board of County Commissioners to preserve the scenic vistas and open lands within the county using the collection of one-half of one percent tax on sales in Jefferson County to fund the program. The voters agreed, thereby ensuring perpetual land conservation, stewardship of open space and parklands, and access for public enjoyment. 

Funded with a one-half of one percent sales tax, Jeffco Open Space contributes to city and park district projects, has preserved more than 57,000 acres, and manages 27 open space parks, and 269+ miles of trails in Jefferson County, Colorado. View the Jeffco Open Space park system map.


Preserve open space and parkland
Protect park and natural resources
Provide healthy, nature-based experiences


Nature, heritage, and humanity thriving in wild harmony


We believe that Respect fosters Collaboration which leads to Innovation


The original caretakers of the lands we now call Jefferson County Open Space Parks include the Tabeguache and Moghwachi bands of the Ute Nation, the Arapaho and Cheyenne Tribes, and other Indigenous Peoples. Their knowledge, resilience, and cultural and spiritual ties to these lands inspire us to continue their legacy by practicing informed stewardship, providing equitable access, teaching sound outdoor ethics, and treating nature and humanity with respect. 


1972 Enabling Resolution (PDF)
10-year Funding Plan (PDF)
1998 Bond Resolution (PDF)
1980 Amending Resolution (PDF)
5-year Financial Strategy 2014-2018 (PDF)
Administrative Policy (PDF)

JCOS' Vision Mission Values Acknowledgement Statement

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2014-2019 Master Plan (Web)
Annual Report (Web)

Project Web Map
In December of 2019, Jeffco Open Space embarked on the development a new Projects Web Map. The goal has been to create an engaging internal and external resource that highlights major open space projects within a geographic environment. The web map is designed to relay project information and connect people to additional resources. Utilizing ArcGIS Online, Jeffco Open Space can configure spatial and non-spatial project information and easily share it with anyone who has an internet connection. This resource will evolve with project updates and future opportunities overtime.

Project Web Map Desktop Version Link (Web)
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Land Boundaries by Association Type
White Ranch Park
Big Horn Sheep