Educational Programs

Nature and History Programs

Jeffco Open Space offers a variety of educational programs and exhibits which explore the nature and history of Jefferson County. Discover wildlife, plants, geology, astronomy, local history, and more in programs designed for everyone from preschoolers to adults. Educational programs take place in a variety of Jeffco Open Space parks and are available year-round.

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Registration is required for all programs unless otherwise noted. Registration opens at 9:00 AM one month prior to the date of the program.
Questions? Call the Lookout Mountain Nature Center: 720.497.7600.

School Programs

History and nature programs are offered to complement school curriculum. 

History School Programs 

Colorado History: 4th grade 
Enhance the Colorado History/Westward Movement unit by studying pioneer activities such as packing a Prairie Schooner, making journey cake, and learning in an 1876 schoolhouse.

Pueblos and Plains
Compare and contrast the historical lifestyles of the Plains (Arapahoe and Cheyenne) tribes with those of the Pueblo and Navajo peoples; including discussion of traditional homes, food and textiles.  

Here's History: 2nd grade
Bring local history into your classroom with this outreach program, featuring photos of the faces and places that made your community and hands-on exploration of antiques to learn how and why they were used.

Grades 2 – 5, available September – May
Call Hiwan Museum for more information: 720.497.7650

Nature School Programs

Plant & Animal Survivors: 2nd grade – registration closed for 2017
Through outdoor exploration, discover how plants and animals use their unique adaptations to survive and thrive in a ponderosa pine forest.

ESI: Ecosystem Investigations: 4th grade – registration opens March 1, 2018
Study solar energy, examine skulls, inspect plants, and dig in the dirt to discover the roles that sun, producers, consumers, and decomposers play in the ecosystem.

Call the Lookout Mountain Nature Center for more information: 720.497.7600

Education Program at Lair o' the Bear Park
Visitors looking through binoculars during birding program
Nature Education Program in a Park