Alerts & Closures


    • DO NOT visit parks and public areas if sick; stay home, seek medical care
    • Practice social distancing of at least 6’ in parks, trailheads, trails, and climbing crags
    • DO NOT gather in groups larger than 10
    • Keep dogs on leash at ALL times
    • Bring your own hand sanitizer and/or hand washing supplies; many of our parks and restrooms lack running water. Sanitize/wash hands after touching public surfaces such as railings, benches, and handles.
    • High-risk visitors, use discretion for park visits and public restroom use
    Colorado Safer-at-Home Order

Types of Closures

Seasonal Closures – at certain times, typically February through July, wildlife require minimal human disturbance. Seasonal closures allow wildlife to successfully nest, rear young, or survive a critical time in their lifecycles.

Sensitive Area Closures – when open space areas that contain rich biodiversity from vegetation to animal life are susceptible to human disturbance, Jeffco Open Space may designate the area as sensitive and closed to public access for the protection of the natural elements.

Trail Closures – Trails may be closed when resource damage has occurred, restoration or relocation is underway, or conditions are deemed unsafe.

Hazard Closures – Closures that pose a safety hazard to visitors include rock fall, flooding, unsecured mine shafts and heavy equipment use.

Hunting Closures – Centennial Cone Park provides a period for hunting by permitted and licensed hunters during the months of December and January each year. The Park is closed to all other use at this time.

Wildfire Closures – When wildfires occur either in a park or adjacent to our parks, closures may be applied for public safety and/or staging of response crews.