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  1. CLOSED: Lava Loop Trail at South Table Mountain Park is closed from February 1 through July 31 to protect raptor nesting territory and ground-nesting bird habitat. Click here for more information on seasonal wildlife closures.
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South Table Mountain Park Access & Trailheads/Proposed Land Exchange, Virtual Community Meeting

Jeffco Open Space (JCOS) hosted a virtual community meeting on Thursday, April 8 concerning South Table Mountain Park access, trailheads, and a proposed land exchange near the campus of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Work continues at South Table Mountain Park to expand accessibility, improve visitor experience, and develop a regional trailhead, which are driven in part by partnership opportunities. These goals will help alleviate an increase in unsafe parking by park visitors and improve equitable access to this iconic park. The proposed access and trailhead improvements are the result of ongoing park planning and community engagement, previous public comment periods, data gathering efforts, and visitor surveys.

The public was encouraged to join JCOS staff at the virtual meeting to learn more about the access and trailhead plans for the park. The virtual community meeting included a presentation and a live question/answer session. The public comment period closed on May 12.

Click here to view the presentation that was recorded live on April 8

South Table Mountain Park Access & Trailheads/Proposed Land Exchange Fact Sheet

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South Table Mountain Park combines panoramic mesa-top views, habitat for cliff-nesting raptors and proximity for many visitors to enjoy hikes, runs and rides. Stay on trail as undesignated paths degrade the mesa ecology or cross into areas where public access is not allowed. That includes the private property on which Golden landmark rock outcropping, Castle Rock, resides.

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South Table Mountain Golden Hills Road Access
16741 Golden Hills Road
Golden, CO 80401

South Table Mountain Camp George West Trailhead
1219 Kilmer Street
Golden, CO 80401