Pine Valley Ranch Park

Mountain lake reflecting blue skies, taken by Andrew DuBois.
  1. CLOSED: Recreational ice activities on Pine Lake are currently closed for safety due to thin/melting ice.

The gem of Pine Valley Ranch Park is Pine Lake. Skaters and anglers can enjoy the ice in winter months. Anglers can enjoy pier fishing in warmer months. Buck Gulch Trail allows access to the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area in Pike National Forest.

Shelter Reservations

Baehrden Lodge is currently closed.

Buffalo Creek Recreation Area*

The Buffalo Creek Recreation Area includes trails and recreational opportunities within Pike National Forest, and connects to Pine Valley Ranch Park. View Buffalo Creek Region Map

*Notice: This trail crosses multiple jurisdictions beyond land owned/managed by Jeffco Open Space and may fall under different regulations. 

Pine Valley Ranch Trailhead
30400 Crystal Lake Road
Pine Grove, CO 80470


Park Regulations

Recreation & Activity Management Guide

Jeffco Non-emergency Number: 303.980.7300

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