Mount Falcon Park

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Hikers and equestrians at Mount Falcon Park have 1.7-mile Turkey Trot Trail all to themselves. The remaining 11 park miles are multi-use. The 2,000-foot elevation gain of the Castle Trail, a steep climb from the east, provides a vigorous workout. Historic sites at the park include the ruins of John Brisben Walker’s castle, and the cornerstone of a would-be summer White House for U.S. Presidents. There is also a wooden tower, situated along Tower Trail, which visitors can climb to survey wonders of the landscape that never cease to amaze. 

Mount Falcon West Trailhead
21074 Mount Falcon Road
Indian Hills, CO 80454

Mount Falcon East Trailhead
3852 Vine Street
Morrison, CO 80465

East Trailhead Parking Lot Webcam
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A skunk found at Mount Falcon Park has tested positive for rabies. Reminders from Jefferson County Public Health include leashing your dog and avoiding direct contact with any wildlife. Contact Animal Control at 303-271-5070 if you find a dead bat or skunk, if you find a bat or skunk behaving strangely or if you or your pet are bitten by any animal. Learn more.

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