Matthews / Winters Park

Mountain views with candy cotton sunset skies, taken by Anne Friant
  1. CLOSED: W. Alameda Parkway at Matthews/Winters Park & Dino Ridge closed to ALL traffic from 12/5 - 12/7 for construction. This closure will affect through traffic on Dakota Ridge Trail. Out and back only travel on Dakota Ridge Trail, either direction - no through traffic. This means that park visitors will NOT be able to cross W. Alameda Parkway from either direction on Dakota Ridge Trail and park visitors will NOT be able to utilize the road to return to the trailhead. ALL traffic will be forced to return the direction they came from 

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Visitors to Matthews/Winters Park will find a starting point for reaching the City of Denver’s Red Rocks Park by trail. Across County Road 93, the Hogback offers a different recreation experience, with a steep climb up to the hulking ridge between plains and foothills. Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center is a neighboring attraction, providing interpretation for the dinosaur tracks imprinted on the eastern face of the Hogback.

Matthews/Winters Park interactive map

Matthews/Winters Trailhead
1103 County Highway 93
Golden, CO 80401 

Dinosaur Ridge information

A 0.8 mile segment of the Dakota Ridge South Trail is designated mountain bike only. This is part of our Designated Use Pilot Program.

Matthews/Winters Park Map
Park Regulations Image