Hildebrand Ranch Park

View of a sunflower patch with dirt trails and mountainscape background, taken by Anne Friant.
  1. NOTICE: Maintenance is being done on Black Bear Trail on the Hildebrand Ranch Park side of the hogback. Rain has caused a blow-out which will require a retaining wall and additional trail bench work to repair. Visitors please use caution and riders should dismount for safety. Thanks for your patience.

Visitors enjoy diverse terrain at Hildebrand Ranch Park, whether they’re down on the plains or high on the hogback. A nearly five-mile loop includes a wide-open experience on the Two Brands Trail, with gentle grades in the shadow of the Dakota, Lyons and Niobrara hogbacks.

Black Bear Trail*

The Black Bear Trail is a difficult shared-use trail connecting Deer Creek Canyon Park and Hildebrand Ranch Park. Seasonal closure in effect February 1-July 31. View Black Bear Trail Map

*Notice: This trail crosses multiple jurisdictions beyond land owned/managed by Jeffco Open Space and may fall under different regulations. 

Black Bear Trail Seasonal Closure Map
Black Bear Trail Fact Sheet and Map

Hildebrand Ranch Trailhead
9880 Deer Creek Canyon Road
Littleton, CO 80127


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