Centennial Cone Park

Green rolling hills, dotted with scrub-brush and pines, adorn the landscape as a trail winds thru.

Centennial Cone Park offers a near-backcountry experience, with a 12-mile trail loop that challenges stamina, offers sweeping views of Clear Creek and provides the opportunity to see elk and other wildlife over wide expanses.

Alternating Use
On weekends, hike and horseback ride on odd-numbered dates; bike on even-numbered dates. See Alternate Use Schedule

Centennial Cone West Trailhead
2224 Douglas Mountain Drive
Golden, CO 80403
No trailer parking

Ralph Schell Trailhead
3956 Camino Perdido
Golden, CO 80403
Trailer parking permitted

Mayhem Gulch Trailhead
32447 US Highway 6
Golden, CO 80403
No trailer parking

Hunting Closure


Centennial Cone Park is our only park that allows a seasonal hunting closure. The park is closed December 1 through January 31 annually for late rifle deer and elk hunting season. ONLY HUNTERS DRAWING A LICENSE FROM THE FOLLOWING CODES ARE PERMITTED TO HUNT AT CENTENNIAL CONE PARK:

  • DE038L2R (Deer: either sex)
  • DF038L2R (Deer: antlerless, doe)
  • EF038L2R (Elk: antlerless, cow) 

If you have a license for one of these hunt codes, you can learn more about the Centennial Cone Park hunt here (Web).

Calendar depicting even days for bikers and odd days for hikers and equestrian riders


Park Regulations

Recreation & Activity Management Guide

Jeffco Non-emergency Number: 303.980.7300

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