Apex Park



  • DO NOT visit parks and public areas if sick; stay home, seek medical care
  • DO NOT gather in groups larger than 4
  • Practice social distancing of at least 6’ in parks, trailheads, trails, and climbing crags
  • Keep dogs on leash at ALL times
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and/or hand washing supplies; many of our parks and restrooms lack running water. Sanitize/wash hands after touching public surfaces such as railings, benches, and handles.
  • High-risk visitors, use discretion for park visits and public restroom use

Colorado Stay-at-Home Order
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Apex Park provides a popular, accessible foothills experience minutes from downtown Golden. A stream runs alongside a trail in part of the park, and a dense forest provides shady areas on the west end. This park is popular for mountain biking as it offers more technical trails and a steep challenge up Lookout Mountain.

Directional Use
Apex, Argos and Enchanted Forest Trails are directional-use trails. Bicyclists are required to ride in one direction only (uphill/west) on odd-numbered calendar days.

2017 Apex Park Trail Management Assessment

Apex Park interactive map

Apex Trailhead
121 County Highway 93
Golden, CO 80401

Managing Trails for Safety at Apex Park

Following more than two years of public and visitor engagement, intense in-park education efforts, and field observations, Jeffco Open Space (JCOS) has developed a draft plan to improve trail safety and reduce visitor conflict at Apex Park.

Information on draft plan and community engagement

The comment period has closed as of March 25. Please stay tuned for an update and next steps.

Results from Apex management comment period

Apex Park Facts