Apex Park

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  1. CLOSED: Park closed until further notice due to muddy trail conditions

Apex Park provides a popular, accessible foothills experience minutes from downtown Golden. A stream runs alongside a trail in part of the park, and a dense forest provides shady areas on the west end. This park is popular for mountain biking as it offers more technical trails and a steep challenge up Lookout Mountain.

Directional Use 
Enchanted Forest and Magic Mountain Trails are directional-use trails and Poco Calle, Rocker, Paydirt, and Smelter Trails are multi-directional connector trails. Bicyclists are required to ride in one direction only (downhill/east) on even calendar dates. These designated use trails are also split by visitor types on even and odd calendar dates.

•   Even Calendar Dates (2nd, 4th, etc.) = Bikes only, no hikers or equestrians

•   Odd Calendar Dates (1st, 3rd, etc.) = Hikers and equestrians only, no bikes

Apex Trailhead
121 County Highway 93
Golden, CO 80401

Apex Park Visitor Safety/Trail Management

Following extensive community engagement and analysis, Jeffco Open Space (JCOS) implemented a new trail management plan to improve safety and the visitor experience at Apex Park in September 2020. This plan was adopted as a one year trial to test its effectiveness and was implemented on September 10, 2020. This management scenario has been effective at reducing conflict while improving safety and the visitor experience at Apex Park. Given its success, the current trail management will be used on an ongoing basis.

Apex Park Management Plan Fact Sheet August 2020 (PDF)
Apex Park Management Announcement June 2020 (PDF)
2020 Apex Park Designated Use Infographic Map (JPG)
2017 Apex Park Trail Management Assessment
Presentation from Community Meeting (PPT Download)
Results from Community Meeting Audience Survey (PDF)
Public Comment Period Results (PDF)


Park Regulations

Recreation & Activity Management Guide

Jeffco Non-emergency Number: 303.980.7300

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