Marriage license requirements

Age requirements

Legal age is 18 for both people. If one party is aged 16 or 17, judicial approval from juvenile court is required.


One of the following valid (not expired), legal identification for proof of age is required. Please note the name on the marriage license will appear exactly as it is on the ID you provide.  

  • Driver's license
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • State issued ID
  • Government issued foreign ID (accompanied by certified translation when applicable)

Required information

  • Divorce information (date, place, and court where granted)
  • Parents names and current address
  • Place of birth (city and state)
  • Last four digits of Social Security number

Social Security number

Per Colorado Revised Statute 14-14-113, Social Security numbers are required on the marriage license application. If an applicant does not have a Social Security number, an affidavit provided by the clerk’s office must be signed. Access the Social Security Number Affidavit Form (PDF) if needed.