Sheriff Sales

The civil unit holds foreclosure and execution sales for both real estate and personal property on an ongoing basis. All upcoming sales are listed on the sales calendar. You may scan the different months, but to view the particulars of a sale click on the sale name on the calendar.

Sale Details

It may also be helpful to know that:

  • Each sale will indicate a contact name. This is the Sheriff's Office personnel who is leading that sale. Please contact them with any questions.
  • Minimum starting bid amounts for each sale are due by noon two days prior to the sale from the attorney's office handling the sale. Minimum starting bid amounts will be added to the calendar after they are received. 
  • Anyone wishing to bid on the property must be present on the date listed for the sale, in person to bid.
  • Sales that are continued to a later date will be re-entered on the calendar on the new sale date. Likewise, any cancellations will be noted on the original sale date.

Time & Location

All sales are held at 10 a.m. at:
Sheriff's Office Civil Unit
100 Jefferson County Parkway
Suite 1520
Golden, CO 80419


If you would like to bid at a sale, please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to sign in.

The winning bidder will be required to sign a sale agreement stating that they will return to the Civil Unit within a specified time (usually within two hours) with payment. Payment must consist cash or certified funds for the entire bid amount.


General questions or inquiries can be directed to the Civil Unit: 303-271-6580.